Custom Software

Are you wanting a custom application?

Contact me so that we can discuss your needs. We can figure out if you want a dynamic website that can handle your application or if you want an application to run on your desktop. We will get it narrowed down to determine what is best for you and your budget.

Major applications

I create Taxidermy Office in 2005 as a way for a client (Taxidermy By Shep Brown) to track everything from when a customer calls for a quote to a one-button click for all your tax requirements. This software was a desktop application that is now being developed as a online web application that can be used as a normal website or as a mobile app.

My background

I have been developing custom software for over 22 years. I started off created simple access databases with Visual Basic for UI as a desktop app, but quickly moved to a SQL database for scalability alongside a .NET enviroment and have been working that way for many years. Below is a list of my experience with languages and databases:


SQL Server: 22 years
MySQL: 20 years
Microsoft Access: 22 years


ASP.NET / C#.NET / MVC: 17 years
Entity Framework: 10 years
JQuery / AJAX: 13 years
Javascript: 22 years
HTML: 24 years
PHP 4 & 5: 19 years